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Antonella Sanderson

Founding Solicitor and Chief Conflict Healer at Family Law Matters

If you are thinking about separating from your partner, you may be worried about contacting a lawyer – everyone’s heard the stories of the “bad divorce” that turned into a nasty court battle.

At Family Law Matters, we want to help good people heal the conflict. We want to keep your family out of court. We believe you should experience a more positive way to end a relationship.

What we can do for you

Property Settlement

Property Law
Are you worried about your financial settlement entitlements, and whether that’s enough to set yourself up for your future? We help you identify your needs, interests and concerns to make sure your financial position is protected into the future.

Separation & Divorce

Divorce And Separation 2
Are you thinking about separation? Did you know seeking a divorce can impact your available rights? We can advise about the safest timing for separation and divorce.

Asset Protection & Pre-Nup

Pre Nup
When you’re entering a new relationship, are you considering what will your partner claim from you if you separation in future? We can help you protect your assets and prevent having messy court battles if there’s a separation in future.


Child Support
How will your children be supported after separation? There are a number of options available, all with their complexities and risks. We can identify the best arrangements for your situation.

Parenting Arrangements

Parenting Arrangements 2
Do we really need lawyers to decide about our children’s arrangements? We can advise you about your rights and responsibilities, and in most cases you don’t need much more intervention from lawyers at all.
Why choose a peaceful, collaborative divorce?
  • Stay away from a nasty court battle. Court is emotionally draining and can take years. Other more peaceful options help emotionally support you, and can be finalised in weeks.

  • Preserve your abilities to co-parent your children. Divorce is one of the most traumatic experiences for children in their young lives. They benefit if their parents can work together in a positive way.

  • Keep your money in your pocket. A traditional court battle is very costly. A peaceful divorce costs much less, which is important when you need to set yourself up independently.

  • Have some control of your future. Don’t leave your family’s future to a judge making decisions to turn you through the system. Our methods ensure you have input into the final decisions about your future.

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