Child Support

If you are separated and have children, you may be entitled to receive or may be assessed to pay child support.

The Child Support Agency will assess payments. If you disagree with the terms of the assessment, you can ask the Agency to review that decision. After you complete the two-step review process, and a Tribunal appeal, you may then ask a Court to make a decision if you still disagree.

If you would like to secure the amount of support payable to you, or by you, there is an option to enter into a Binding Child Support Agreement (BCSA). A BSCA allows you and your former spouse to come to an agreement for the payment of child support and enter into terms which suit your arrangements. A BCSA can include clauses for the payment/receipt of support to be applied directly to school fees, sporting fees or medical fees.

You can even set the amount of support received/paid at a fixed sum which gives you the ability to manage your future finances with confidence and the assurance that your children’s costs are maintained. In some cases, property settlement lump sums can be applied to future child support liabilities.

If you would like further advice on reviewing your child support arrangements, or wish to enter into a BCSA, please call Family Law Matters on (02) 9523 3007 or complete the contact form to arrange an initial consultation with one of our Family Law Solicitors.
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