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Why Choose Us

Family Law Matters was established in 2002. We recognise the need in the community for a practical and sensitive approach to Family Law.

Our philosophy is that it is in our clients’ best interests to settle their matter in a way that is fair, reasonable and realistic, and that their legal costs reflect this manner of settlement.

With our knowledge & experience, we can assist you to achieve:

  • an understanding of your rights & obligations during separation
  • the property settlement you are entitled to
  • appropriate levels of financial support for you & your children
  • divorce & understanding the consequences of time limits
  • protection of your assets upon entering a new relationship
  • arrangements that put the best interests of your children first & allow you to maintain a positive relationship with them

We offer alternative out of court resolution pathways, enabling you to preserve your working relationship with your former partner, especially if children are involved.  These approaches can be more cost effective, empower you to make collaborative decisions and have more control over the process without involving a Judge – it can be far less stressful, and resolved in a more timely manner.  Nobody wants to rush off to court, and we would prefer you to resolve your dispute by agreement rather than litigation.  Family Law Matters specialises in Collaborative Practice, and Arbitration.   These options will need to be assessed for suitability relative to each matter, and we are here to help you make the right choice to resolve your dispute.

  • Lawyer to Lawyer Negotiation – parties in dispute attempt to seek a mutually acceptable outcome through discussion, or bargaining to reach an agreement.
  • Collaborative Practice – similar to negotiation, however is a series of five-way face to face meetings of spouses and their solicitors, together with a facilitator or ‘coach’.  The solicitors act as a ‘team’ to assist spouses to reach a fair agreement, taking into account the needs and interests of the whole family
  • Arbitration – parties to a dispute present arguments and evidence to an arbitrator, who makes a determination to resolve simple matter disputes.
  • Mediation – we can provide referrals and help facilitate this process

We understand that you may be experiencing a challenging time. It is our mission to help you navigate the process of your separation, or asset protection in a new relationship. Once all the legal aspects are complete, you are free to begin a new journey.

Call us on 02 9523 3007 or complete the contact form to arrange a consultation to discuss your family law matter.

Our Head Office is located in Cronulla, NSW and we have access to boardrooms in Sydney CBD for appointments.

Family Law Matters have an enviable record in achieving sensible settlements for clients. We are proud that most of our matters settle before even reaching a court room, and our clients are satisfied that their agreement is reflective of our philosophy. If your preference is to reach a settlement by agreement rather than litigation, you should contact us to help you achieve this goal.

Put your family first; find out what’s fair at Family Law Matters.