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Father’s Day


This year, Father’s day falls on Sunday 3 September 2017. When negotiating parenting arrangements, some parents forget about making special provision for these special occasions. Consequently, these special days can become a very stressful period for all involved.
Try and remember that Father’s day is about making an enjoyable and memorable experience for the children – special gifts purchased from the school ‘Father’s Day’ stall and giving home made cards is something most children remember with glee. These days should not turn out to be a tug-of-war about whose “day” it really is.

An example of an arrangement that could work for special occasions such as Father’s day and Father’s day may be:

  • The children spend Father’s day with their Father from 4:00pm on Saturday, 2 September 2017 to 4:00pm on Father’s day Sunday, 3 September 2017.
  • The usual living arrangements then re-commence from 4:00pm on the Sunday, so that the parent usually spending the weekend with the children receive the children back into their care.

If you would like to discuss parenting arrangements for Father’s Day please contact us here or call 02 9523 3007.