How does a self-represented litigant in the family law system have any chance against the giant Child Support Agency (with seven lawyers & a budget of $600,000)?

The case in this Sydney Morning Herald article started with a significant change to the way that the Child Support Agency are allowed to use family law sourced court documents.

In summary, the Father pressed on with various appeals but was unsuccessful before the Court. Parliament became aware of the situation and resulted in steps being taken to stop the litigation, & reform the child support system so that it is more difficult for people to make false or reckless statements about their financial circumstances. That was all the Father wanted in the first place – common sense will be restored at long last.

If you have concerns about how your documents are being used in a child support review, or if the other party has made false or reckless statements about their financial circumstances, contact Family Law Matters about how you can use the benefit of these court decisions to protect yourself.