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Parenting Arrangements: School Holidays Half Way Point

There is often much debate amongst parents about how to calculate the half-way point in the school holidays. We receive many calls from confused and distressed parents when changeover plans fall apart. This table sets out the upcoming holidays according to the NSW Board of Studies Website.


School Holidays September

Your child’s school holidays may have additional pupil-free days, you should always check start and conclusion dates with your school. If your children attend a private school, their holidays may be different.

Your Orders and Parenting Plan may define a different method for how the holiday should be arranged. If they don’t, our suggestions of an appropriate half-way change-over are listed for your convenience. Applications for Contravention of Orders are commonly filed against a parent who has not properly complied with school holiday provisions.

If you have any concerns or questions, we recommend you seek advice at your earliest opportunity. Contact us here.