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Playing it Safe & Smart! What you should keep in mind when using social media during separation or divorce.

playing it safe social mediaWhat should you keep in mind when using social media and  going through a divorce or separation? Family Law Matters Solicitor Nicole Sloane has these tips:

1. Practice netiquette

Parents need to keep in mind that social media platforms are public forums and anything published online can be accessed quite readily and by almost anyone. As such it is important that parents practice good netiquette when using social media, this includes when communicating with the other party. Ultimately people need to remember that it is very easy for people to simply screenshot a conversation and use that as evidence.

2. Think before you post

Before making a post it is important to stop for a moment and think about the possible consequences of making said post before you do so. This is especially important to do when in the heat of the moment and acting in response to something.

3. Beware of oversharenting

Parents need to be careful regarding the overuse of social media to share content based on their children, especially where the other parent doesn’t agree.

4. Supervise and manage your children’s use of social media platforms

It is important that parents take an active interest in their children’s social media use and what they are posting;

Children's eSafetyCommissionerHelpful Resource!

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner has launched iParent, where parents can learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use. Find out more here.

5. Be cyber safe and cyber aware

Review your privacy settings, make sure all your accounts are private etc.

This is especially important in matters involving family violence. There have been several cases where parties have used social media to stalk or harass the other party or alternatively where a partner has hacked the other partner’s social media page.

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