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Our Principal Solicitor Antonella Sanderson tackles more tricky issues on Triple J’s the Hook Up

After making her national radio debut on Triple J’s The Hook Up program last year, our Principal Solicitor and Director Antonella Sanderson was invited back to speak for a third time this past Sunday.

On the tricky subject of casual relationships resulting in pregnancy, Antonella weighed in on the legal rights of Mum, Dad, and bub. Giving insight on a range of issues from a fathers’ right to choose to become a parent or not, and a woman’s autonomy over her body and the decisions she is empowered to make. The ramifications of conception by deception and whether or not one can legally ‘opt out’ of legal responsibilities for a child they did not intend to conceive was also covered.

The debate also included the expertise of Dr Matthew Beard from the Ethics Centre and family therapist Jenny Douglas who explored the ethical implications of such complex and individualistic situations enabling a more holistic discussion over these important issues. With so much conflicting information out there on such a sticky subject, Antonella was able to shed some much needed light on the legalities facing young people in unorthodox parenting situations.

Listen to the entire debate here, or fast track to 1hr 23 minutes to jump to the legal discussion.