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Sharing Easter in 2019

Easter is just a hop away and we all know it’s easy to let time get away from you!


Ensuring you have your parenting arrangements organised in a timely manner for special occasions, such as Easter, is very important. If the arrangements aren’t settled early, it can make Easter stressful for all involved.


Remember, Easter is about making enjoyable memories with your children. It will certainly not be in the children’s best interests to feel as if they are caught in the middle between Mum and Dad arguing.

If possible, you should try your best and negotiate plans that work well for everyone, particularly the children. If your partner is asking for an extra hour, stop and consider whether it’s better to let your children enjoy the extra time, or whether arguing about it with your ex-partner is worth the pain.

In 2019, Easter Sunday falls on 21 April.  Luckily, this means Easter falls on the middle weekend of the NSW school holidays, which makes it much easier for the children to share Easter equally with both parents, with minimal fuss.

Separated families commonly share the school holidays equally. If this is your case, whoever the children are with from conclusion of school on Friday 12 April, the children will remain with them until the afternoon of Easter Saturday, or morning of Easter Sunday – depending on the arrangement works best for your family. Then the children will spend time with the other parent from changeover until commencement of school on Monday 29 April.

See below for an example of an easy-to-read, shared arrangement for Easter when it falls in school holidays.

Important things to consider when negotiating Easter time include:

  1. Where does each parent intend to spend Easter? What does this mean in terms of travelling and changeover for the children?
  2. Special customs that may be significant for one particular parent, or children. For example, does the other parent traditionally attend a late evening service at Church? Or do they head to Grandma’s house for an early breakfast?
  3. You have the entire long weekend to celebrate Easter! Don’t get caught up on who has the children and when, when there is sufficient time to enjoy the holiday with your children.


For more information about how best to share Easter, or to book a consultation with a solicitor to discuss the options available for you and your family,  please call (02) 9523 3007.