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If you are having thoughts about leaving your relationship, our first suggestion is that you obtain some professional support – these are big decisions, not to be made without appropriate guidance and serious introspection. To begin any journey, one must start by taking the first step.  When … [Read more...] about TEN STEPS TO GETTING THE RIGHT SEPARATION ADVICE

CASE STUDY: Living under the one roof after separation

Mike and Melissa separated after a relationship of 15 years. They had two children aged 9 and 6. Despite their separation they remained living under the one roof to avoid any change in the living arrangements for the children. After a period of 6 months Melissa became uncomfortable sharing the one … [Read more...] about CASE STUDY: Living under the one roof after separation

Beware Informal Agreements

Don’t be caught out by an informal ‘deal’ or agreement on property settlement, make sure you seek advice and protect yourself from future claims. Paula and Peter were married for 7 years. They had two young children.  Paula had given up her career as an Accountant to stay home and raise the … [Read more...] about Beware Informal Agreements

INFOGRAPHIC: Property Settlements – Factors to consider

Please click the infographic to view in full size. When your relationship breaks down, the emotional journey is a difficult one.  All too often we see important financial and property settlement related aspects put to one side while the pain of separation is addressed. This sometimes means … [Read more...] about INFOGRAPHIC: Property Settlements – Factors to consider

Protection of Assets

When one party has been the financially dependent partner during a relationship, the breakdown of that relationship creates significant insecurity for the dependent party. It is not unusual for assets to be in the name of one party.  Both parties feel financially secure during the relationship. … [Read more...] about Protection of Assets

Do you need a ‘Pre-Nup’?

Sam and Sally have been in a relationship for three years and have recently moved in together. They both have their own home, some savings, shares and  superannuation funds. They have adult children from previous relationships who now live independently,  and Sam and Sally have decided that they … [Read more...] about Do you need a ‘Pre-Nup’?