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What can I expect at my First Meeting?

AdobeStock_100699069Upon booking your First Meeting you will receive:

  • Confirmation email.
  • Website link to our secure online portal to complete your Client Information before your meeting.
  • Solicitor profile.

At your First Meeting the advice you receive from our Family Law Specialists is strategic, personalised and valuable. Your meeting covers the following:

  • A chance to share your story as well as your needs, interests and concerns for the future.
  • Advice about your legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Settlement options available for you to resolve your matter.

At the end of your meeting you will receive an Information Pack which includes:

  • Information about costs to help once you know your way forward.
  • Family Law Matters pen and note pad to help you record important events and notes during your journey.

To find out more take a look at our Where Do I Start? and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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