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Your Personal Term 1 2020 Preparation Checklist

We’re only two weeks out from Term 1 2020, are you ready for it?

At this time, it’s easy to get lost in preparing your children for the school year and forget about yourself. But this is an important time for you to get organised too!

Your kids are getting new teacher, and so are you! Your kids will soon be starting up their extra-curricular activities, and in a sense so will you! It’s also an important time to make sure you and your ex are on the same page now that you’re about to settle back in to routine.

We’ve prepared a helpful checklist to help you get prepared for Term 1:

  1. Start bedtime routines as if school has recommenced: Take a moment to discuss this with the ex as well and see if a consistent routine can be established in both households.
  2. Prepare a timetable for the fridge so the children know what days things will be happening, including time with the other parent.  Ideally you and your ex can work on this together, and have the same timetable on the fridge at the other parent’s home. This will provide smooth transitions for the kids, but also shows them that Mum and Dad are getting along.  Consider using an app like Our Family Wizard (US based) or Divvito (Aus based).
  3. School uniforms and school supplies to be purchased: Have a plan with your ex about who is purchasing what equipment. Also, do the children need extra supplies at the other parent’s home?
  4. Plan out the first day of school : Who will be coming along? Remember, your child may already be anxious, don’t add to it with parenting disputes – make a plan with your ex early to avoid confrontation, especially in the playground. You should aim to make the first day back easier, not more stressful.
  5. Talk to the teachers:  Let them know your child’s parents are separated.  Make sure the school have your details and your ex’s details on file for emergencies, including addresses and phone numbers.  If you have a Parenting Plan or Orders, give the school a copy so everyone is on the same page.
  6. Subscribe to the school’s newsletters by email: Keep yourself informed.  As forms and notices come in, take a screen shot and send them to the other parent as a “FYI”.
  7. As the homework starts coming in, prepare a routine for how homework will be completed:  Ideally, you would talk to your ex about this as well, and have a consistent routine in both homes.

These items can be easy to forget about during the New Year rush, and we hope this checklist makes it a little easier for you to start your year off to an organised start!

If you have any questions or think you need help on reaching agreements with your ex about the above checklist items (or your children generally), please feel free to call us on (02) 9523 3007.